Information about The Animal List

How it works

How it works

Here you can find FAQs and learn more about how The Animal List works.

What are the different certifications for the animal actors?

1. Temperament approved - In person or submit therapy pet approval or CGC proof.
2. Animal Actor
3. Advanced Animal Actor
4. Elite Animal Actor

For more details on how we classify these go HERE.
To see the Animal Actor Evaluation Checklist go HERE.

NOTE* Content creators are available to shoot products at their home for you. They are NOT approved animal actors and will need a certified wrangler if you wish to hire them.

How does payment work?


Make sure that you discuss any extra expenses before booking the animal talent. You can message the animal to get a package OR discuss an adjustment on that animal's rates. In order to hold the animals, we will charge your card. The animal talent will not be paid until you mark the job as completed. Please note that the job will autocomplete after 60 days. 


Upon approval, head to settings and enter your payment information. Once that's finished, you can begin to post listings. Learn how to do that HERE. THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE BEFORE YOU CAN BOOK A JOB.

Please note that the network has a 10% network fee ($5 minimum) and a 5% processing fee.

Can I place a casting call?

Yes, please head HERE

Animal Agencies

How do I become an approved animal agency with the animal list?

The Animal Agencies are invite only and word of mouth at this point. This is so we can ensure that only the best permitted animal agencies in the industry are represented here.

How do I upload a single animal? or a group of animals/ " animal package"?  

Learn how to upload a single animal HERE
Learn how to upload an animal package HERE.
Please be very clear when you upload animals if there are additional fees for the wrangler, transport etc ( you can update if these fees change).

Production and Casting agency

What is the difference between animal actors and Content creators? 
Animal actors are approved and vetted for set work. We have them broken down into 4 categories. Temperament approved, trick master, advanced trick master and Elite trick master. A content creator is NOT a verified animal actor but can be hired to produce content at home and are available to work on your production or event IF a professional wrangler is present for safety.

What about insurance and permits?
You will need to communicate with the agency that has the animals to see if they have rental permits, insurances or anything you may require for your production. Make sure you follow your state requirements for animals on set. 

How do I know if the animal wrangler is a Union or SAG -AFTRA?

Each approved wrangler is different you will need to check their details and documents to ensure this.

How do I get " no animals were harmed" associated with my production?

We advise hiring American Humane and attach this to your production. Find more information HERE
Fun tip, domestic shot SAG-AFTRA productions in 2023 are provided American humane on set for free!

What are the full costs associated with hiring animals?

Inquire with the l Agency, Vendor, or Animal Talent Rental Company there may be additional expenses in insurance, transport, wranglers, permits, prep days for the animals or other requirements depending on your production.

*An APPROVED wrangler is required on each production set for the safety of the animals.

Animal Wranglers

How do I become an animal wrangler?
You need to be certified by an approved animal agency.  They can have you on as a Wrangler JR until approval. Learn more HERE.

How to price yourself as a wrangler?

Please consult with your approved Agency. 

Animal Actors

How do I get my animal into acting, movies, commercials, or other productions?

Get approved to be on THE ANIMAL LIST 

How to get an animal actor certification?

There are multiple ways to do this. 
You can find an approved animal agency or vendor in your area or become approved in person at an event. If your pet has a Therapy dog Certificate, CGC, trick dog title, you can be temperament approved through Pets on Q.

How to price your animal actor?

Consult with your agency, we increase the fee with the level of certification but each agency varies.

What kinds of animals can be certified?

We approve and work with DOGSCATSBIRDSFARM ANIMALS (including horses), RODENTSREPTILESFISH/AMPHIBIANSINVERTEBRATES/INSECTS . The certification process varies with the type of animal. Only Dogs, Cats, Birds, Farm Animals, and Rodents can go beyond temperament approval. 

Do you work with rescues or shelters?

YES! We have the Temperament approval to allow shelter and rescue animals to be hired for set work. If one of our agencies or wranglers meets a star in a shelter, WE HELP THEM!