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Discover The Best Animal Talent
Discover a diverse array of animal talent, from animals in entertainment and animal professionals to working animals and animal content creators. Effortlessly hire or showcase the perfect fit for your production, event, marketing campaign, and beyond.
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Simplified Booking of Animal Talent

  1. Choose the animal talent you need

    Effortlessly discover your perfect animal talent from our categorized list. Explore details, reviews, or simply place a casting call for direct applications to meet your unique needs.

  2. Customizing your animal talent experience

    Select personalized add-ons and inclusions to ensure your hiring engagement is a success. Our vast array of talent to choose from plus our streamlined system safeguard, and enhance your booking experience.

  3. Swiftly finalize your payment to secure your booking

    Expedite your booking by finalizing payment upfront. Funds are held until the job's completion, ensuring trust and satisfaction for both parties.

  4. Easy communication

    You can chat with the animal talent provider you've booked to ensure a seamless experience for both parties.


"I’m so glad to be a part of the Pets on Q team! Colleen and Melissa are wonderful. Over the past few years, they’ve made countless campaigns and deals a reality. Coby would not be where he is today without them!"

- Rebecca, @cobythecat

Elevating Entertainment Standards with Animal Actors

We take pride in setting the gold standard for animal actor approvals, ensuring the well-being and professionalism of our furry performers. Our in-person certification process, led by industry experts, not only raises the bar for excellence but also fosters a culture of responsibility and accountability within the entertainment industry.

Level One: Temperament Approved

All animals pass our temperament evaluation, ensuring they meet high standards for health, temperament, and basic obedience. Ideal for background roles and simple tasks.

Level Two: Animal Actors

Certified animals that possess essential skills for typical supporting roles, demonstrating proficiency in basic commands and behaviors needed in production jobs.

Level Three: Advanced Animal Actors

Capable of handling more complex supporting or lead roles, showing a higher level of skill and versatility.

Level Four: Elite Animal Actors

Reserved for the most experienced performers with extensive on-set experience and a track record of excellence. Trusted for the most demanding roles.

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